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FMS Pre-Transitional Supports (099)

FMS Pre-Transitional Supports (Service Code 099) is a service that Regional Center may be able to fund for you. It allows FMS Pay to provide higher level support and expertise as you onboard into SDP. Regional Center may be able to fund up to 20 hours of support as you work with FMS Pay to onboard into SDP. Please contact FMS Pay and your Regional Center Service Coordinator if you are interested in receiving this additional support as you onboard.

Examples of FMS Pre-Transitional Supports include: Assistance with criminal background checks, verification of proposed services' compliance with HCBS, and review and assistance in adjusting individual spending plans to ensure expenditures are based on a sound methodology, amongst other supports.

For more information on this service, please visit:

FMS Pay LLC's Regional Center vendor number for Service Code 099 is PY2920. Your case manager/service coordinator will need to authorize services under this vendor number.

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