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About FMS Pay

About Kyle

Welcome to FMS Pay!

Freedom, Authority, Support, Responsibility, Confirmation. These are the values of both Self-Determination and FMS Pay. FMS Pay was founded in 2023 with the goal of supporting Regional Center clients enrolled in California's Self-Determination Program (SDP).


FMS Pay was founded and is operated by Kyle Jones, who began his accounting career in 2015, then working as a Senior Revenue Coordinator within the San Diego Regional Center's business office. Kyle gained extensive experience in Regional Center systems and fiscal operations, as well as Social Security and Medi-Cal benefits. Kyle has also worked for 2 large Regional Center vendors in various accounting roles, including payroll and operations, and supported over 500 employees across multiple Regional Center/DDS funded programs (Tailored Day, Early Start, ILS, Transportation, etc.)

Prior to the Regional Center, Kyle worked as an Advertising Review & Trade Practices Analyst at the Better Business Bureau and was previously a Fraud Analyst at Union Bank of California. Teller and Personal Banker are also prior roles.

Kyle holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from National University.

Kyle knows the critical importance of having a strong and collaborative FMS on your SDP team. Whether you are new to Self-Determination, or interested in switching FMS providers, you can feel confident that you are moving forward with a strong FMS partner, backed by Regional Center specific knowledge and expertise. FMS Pay was founded in the community, and is operated in the community, for the benefit of the community.

FMS Pay also works collaboratively with Independent Facilitators (IFs), and respects participant's choice for support within the Self-Determination Program. IFs are encouraged to reach out to discuss how best to support their client(s).

Thank you for your interest in FMS Pay! Please reach out if you need support.

Kyle Jones

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