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Business Consultation

Unclaimed Property "Escheatment" Consulting

Is your company in compliance with Unclaimed Property Law? If not, you could be facing substantial fines and penalties. Let FMS Pay LLC help you understand the requirements of being a "holder," and work with you to come into compliance. If your company issues vendor checks, payroll checks, or holds funds on behalf of clients, you are considered a "holder."

Unclaimed Property Consulting Services

Processes & Procedures

FMS Pay will help your company develop processes and procedures that are specific to your company and accounting infrastructure. FMS Pay will also provide support with reducing escheatable properties.

Ongoing support and guidance

The unclaimed property process can feel overwhelming. FMS Pay provides ongoing support, guidance and expertise to help you every step of the way. FMS Pay can provide training and support to internal staff, or companies can outsource the entire process to FMS Pay if preferred.

Accounting guidance

FMS Pay will help you develop internal accounting processes, procedures, and controls, helping you remain in compliance with GAAP and detect and prevent errors on the balance sheet.

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