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Financial Management Services (FMS)

A required service of the Self-Determination Program. FMS Pay works with program participants to pay for approved services and supports and monitors ongoing monthly expenses.

Our Services

Our Services

The primary function of FMS Pay is to assist program participants with purchasing approved supports and services and working with the participant to monitor expenditures and spending-plan limits.

SDP Bill-Pay Services

Payments can be made via physical check, ACH, or one-time Visa card, depending on the provider's preferences and policies. All payments must be supported by an invoice/bill. Providers with cash flow concerns are welcome to submit semi-monthly invoices.

SDP Goods & Services Purchasing

Participant spending plans often include the purchase of products or services, such as computers or equipment. Purchases can be easily made from most major retailers, like Amazon, Target, etc. Payment is made via one-time Visa card. All purchases must satisfy an IPP goal.

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