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SDP Bill-Pay Services (315)

FMS Pay provides SDP Bill-Pay Services (Service Code 315) to support SDP Participants with paying for invoices received from service providers that are approved in the participant's certified spending-plan.


Payments are made via weekly ACH & physical check runs, and one-time invoice payments can be made via Visa card if the service provider supports the payment option. All checks are Positive-Pay protected. Service Providers must submit information to create an Accounts Payable file and an IRS W-9 in order to be eligible for ACH & check payments. FMS Pay is required to 1099 service providers per IRS regulation.

Service Providers may email invoices directly to

Participants and Service Coordinators receive a monthly statement reflecting all expenditures and activity by service code. Monthly statements are also accessible in the participant's secure client folder on Sync (if the participant chooses to utilize) and can be sent via secure email.

Participant spending-plans are reconciled on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy and detect errors.

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